Young Tiger NTR needs a strong PR team now

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2023)
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In today’s rapidly evolving industry, a hero’s growth is not just dependent on his acting prowess. Stardom and marketability are two crucial factors that help him in creating a stronger market and brand value. This strong brand value in turn gets him better projects and combinations resulting in better chances at the box office. All the leading Tollywood heroes identified this long back and have taken the help of their PROs for better publicity and marketing.

Of all the heroes NTR seems to have been lagging in this aspect. His previous PRO S.M Koneru was very strong in managing web media and other PR activities. During that time fake allegations, False news were immediately denied and thrashed. After the unfortunate demise of Koneru, NTR lacks a good PR team and now there is no quick response to some agenda-based campaigns, articles, or PR management.

Yesterday, the PVR official handle made a tweet projecting NTR as a supporting actor and there was no quick response from the NTR team. The same happened with the HCA awards as well. On the other side, Ram Charan is having a strong PR which is helping him with great marketing and publicity.

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