Young Heroes producing their movies on their own by putting other banner names

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2023)
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There are a few heroes in the Telugu Film Industry who have got a bit of craze with scoring hits with their first few films. However, they were unable to maintain the momentum in their career and faced continuous failure after that, but still, they have got chances for next films in big banners.

The audience, few industry circles were doubtful about how come those big banners have produced films with these young heroes. The content of the said movies was also not strong. So, questions were raised about why the big banners which have fame and credibility are putting risk of making films with the heroes.

When we dug into deep, it was revealed that these young heroes are putting their own money into the films they are acting, but they are projecting to the public that those movies are being produced by big banners. Because those banners have craze and name in the audience, the image will definitely come in useful for their films, so young heroes are trying to cash the image of big names.

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In industry, this is not a new thing as there have been a lot of movies came in the past which were not produced by on-screen producers. Someone will put the money, but the name as producer will be a different one. These young heroes also following the same path, and we will have to wait and watch for how many days they will spend their own money on their films.

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