The Real Story of How the Weird Al Movie Scored Fake Cameo

"WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC has developed a large social network. Working in the entertainment industry for 40 years will do that, especially if you produce a lot of widely acclaimed but critically unappreciated stuff.

The film also marks a big return to cinema for Yankovic, who starred in 1989’s UHF and has been, by his own admission, gun-shy ever since.

In Weird, Radcliffe plays Yankovic as a tortured artist kept away from the accordion as a child and mostly ignored until he stumbles on a funny little song about lunchmeat.

It’s still very much set in real Hollywood in the real 1980s, a time and place crawling with megastars, many of them played in Weird by other megastars.

In Weird, there’s a big pool party scene at Dr. Demento’s house with a cavalcade of alternative icons and cult celebrities like Divine and Andy Warhol, most played by actors and comedians we all know and love.