'Black Adam’ Draws Negative Reviews: Dwayne Johnson’s DC Film Is ‘Repetitive’ and ‘Anti-Entertaining’

The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe may be about to change with “Black Adam,” but the new film is landing low on the hierarchy of critical reputation for Warner Bros.’

“Black Adam” marks the star’s first time anchoring a superhero film — a job that the actor’s chiseled physique and commercial dominance would suggest was inevitable.

In a lightly positive review, the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw said that Johnson’s “massive bulk, planet-sized head and sly gift for deadpan humour all make him a great superhero.”

While promoting “Black Adam,” Johnson has teased that bigger battles are on the horizon for his eponymous antihero.

Leaked videos of the film’s end credits scene have also stirred up online chatter, providing a hint of who Black Adam could showdown with in the future.

Beyond his starring role though, Johnson has stated that he envisions himself as a potential “advisor” for DC Films.