8 Time Management Tips for Student

8 Time Management Tips for Student

take just a few minutes to evaluate your priorities. Consider which deadlines are most urgent, as well as how much energy you have.  If you are able to complete simple tasks first, try getting them out of the way before moving on to tasks that require a lot of focus.


After you’ve created your calendar, give yourself periodic reminders to stay on track such as to complete a study guide in advance or schedule a meeting for a group project. Knowing deadlines is important

Set Reminder

Don’t be caught by surprise by an important paper due two days from now or a dinner with your family the same night you planned for a group study session.

Create a Calendar

Each person’s day-to-day is different and unique to them, so make sure your schedule works for you. Once you’ve accounted for consistent commitments such as classes or your shifts at work, add in study sessions, extracurriculars, chores and errands, and social engagements.

Build a Personalized Schedule

Planner Planners can help you keep track of long-term deadlines, such as important essay deadlines, upcoming exams, and appointments and meeting

Scheduling If your schedule is jam-packed and you have trouble figuring out what to do and when, scheduling day by day and sometimes even hour by hour.

Use Tools That Work For You

Note Taking From class to study sessions to errands, keeping track of everything can feel overwhelming. Keeping everything in one place, whether on the go or at your desk, can help keep you organized.

Preparation and organization can sometimes only get you so far. Luckily, you have plenty of people rooting for your success. Keep yourself and your classmates on task by finding an accountability partner or study buddies. Remind your roommates when you need extra space to work on a paper.

Find Support 

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances will come up or you simply may not be able to get to everything you set out to do in a given day.

Be Realistic and Flexible