Top Producers Son Struggling for his Debut Film

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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Although we often find hereditary in the film industry, there are many people who established their foundations purely based on talent. It is quite usual that popular people who have already made a stand in the industry introduce young and new talents. This system is common in all industries.

Few directors, producers have introduced their children to the film industry. To be practical the concept of hierarchy works out only for a couple of films. It is evident that talent plays a key role in an artist’s career. In this scenario, well-known producer DVV Danayya who is now producing RRR has consulted directors in order to lay a film foundation for his son. It is said that Sriwass who has caster Ballaya in his past projects was confirmed to launch his son. Actually, this project was supposed to be handled by director Maruthi. But Maruthi had returned his advance with interest and quit the project.

Although Sriwass hasn’t had good films apart from Lakshyam and Loukyam his last film was Saakshyam which failed at Box-office, it turned out to be his chance in launching the young talent. We are yet to know whether the audience are going to witness this young talent or not.

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