Tollywood biggies to push the release dates?

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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Just when we thought things are getting back to normal, a number of Tollywood biggies films have started reporting delays. Corona’s second surge apparently is causing this delay and a number of films have faced issues on various fronts. While some Tollywood biggies are seeing delays in VFX, others are facing delays due to the new travel restrictions.

Recently, a big-ticket movie experienced a long delay in the shooting of their Europe schedule due to the recent surge of Covid cases. The location of the shoot underwent another lockdown and the entire unit had to face massive hardships. The team somehow secured permissions to shoot amidst restrictions and new regulations. Not just this, the new restrictions have also resulted in the stretching of the film’s budget and are causing quite a dent in the producer’s pocket. There is one other star film that had everything in line to start a schedule in Goa but with rising cases, had to cancel the schedule at last minute. Now, the team is looking to start their schedule in Hyderabad but it would take some time to plan and execute it.

Adding to this, a number of actors, directors, and producers have reported positive of Corona leading to delay in shoot. If this delay persists, we might see several films postponing their release dates. We hope the issues are resolved at the earliest and the industry is back on its feet soon.

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