The Desperate Star

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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Stylish Star Allu Arjun is in his career best phase with his last film Ala Vaikunthapuramloo scoring a Non-Baahubali Industry Hit for Sankranthi 2020. He teamed up with Sukumar whose last outing was a Non-Baahubali Industry Hit Rangasthalam. Obviuosly, their combination being the 3rd film they are working together has immense hype in trade circles and the audience.

Bunny has always been energetic during film promotions. He has also been in news for his ‘Cheppanu Brother’ comment for months. Post ‘Cheppanu Brother’ episode people started noticing a difference in Bunny’s attitude. Earlier Bunny used to be very active and cracking jokes but lately he has been giving serious speeches. Especially after AVPL’s huge success, Bunny’s attitude completely changed. Just like any star hero film, AVPL had several success meets after the film’s success but what surprised everyone is the anniversary celebrations. Heroes usually post a tweet or share a video but Bunny had an event planned with the entire crew attending. Other such incident is yesterday’s Chavukaburu Challaga audio function. Audio functions have become a drama with fans trying to get to the star on stage. Some audience even think that all are staged. Coming to CKC’s audio function, not one but close to 5 fans came near to Bunny. We are not sure if it is due to a security lapse or was staged. At one point, there were more bouncers on the stage than the cast & crew. But, even with so many bouncers fans were able to easily reach bunny on stage. AV’s for heroes are usually exaggerated but Bunny’s AV was on a different level with even boasting about social media, Lyrical video views and TRP records.

End of the day, it looks like the PR team of Bunny is working very hard to project him as a Big Star. Undoubtedly, Bunny is one of the biggest stars of TFI but this projection by his PR team is backfiring with netizens including mega fans trolling such incidents. Hope Bunny and his PR realize that being humble is what defines a star and stardom.

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