10 tips to Study smarter, not harder

1. Don’t miss a class

‘A’ students never miss a class. They also never miss the beginning or end of a class, because important announcements about exams and projects are often made then. 

2. Review your notes quickly

After a lecture or class, read through your notes quickly again. It helps store the information in your long-term memory.

3. Organise your notes visually

It helps to re-write the key points of a class or subject as a diagram – try using a mind-map or flow chart, or colour coding key elements of the topic. 

4. Plan ahead

Make sure you allow enough time for assignments and exam revision. At the beginning of each term, note down due dates and exam dates on a planner

5. Explain things to others

It helps you get things clearer in your head if you try to explain your answers verbally to people who do not know much about the subject. 

6. Get together with a study group

You can still have a social life and study – get together with your friends  and share ideas to each other.

7. Stay positive

It all comes down to attitude. Be enthusiastic about your subjects, and use positive affirmations to tell yourself that you will succeed and meet your goals.

8. Trust your instincts

If you’re under pressure in an exam, don’t second-guess yourself. In most cases, the first answer you think of will be the right one.

9. Test your teachers

Question your teachers before an exam, make sure you know exactly what will be covered and what type of questions you should expect.

10. Feed your brain and stay healthy

 Good brain food includes fish, nuts and yoghurt. Get enough sleep, and plan in some active time to keep fit. Oxygen also helps your memory and concentration