How to prepare your garden for autumn and winter

1. Place plants in a cold frame

Cold, wet, windy and icy weather conditions can damage garden plants. A great way to protect young plants from the first frost is by using a cold frame.

2. Cover with a garden cloche

Garden cloches are low enclosures used to cover plants. Offering protection against a number of factors, they cleverly allow water, air and light to pass through whilst

3. Bring potted plants inside

Moving your plants to a more sheltered location indoors is the simplest way of protecting them from icy temperatures. "Potted plants are more susceptible to frost damage

4. Add mulch

From garden compost to shredded bark, many tender plants will benefit from mulch over their roots for added protection in winter. 

5. Add windbreaks

Strong winds can damage plants by breaking them and distorting their growth. Windbreaks are semi-permeable barriers that can protect weak plants from wind.

6. Improve drainage

"Drainage problems should be dealt with promptly, as waterlogged and wet soil can make young or shallow rooted trees more likely to uproot.

7. Limit feeding your plant

 gardeners should avoid applications of nitrogen-rich fertilizers late in the season, as they stimulate sappy growth in plants that are susceptible to damage.