tips for making your spaces less cluttered

1.Get rid of what you don't need

Most of us have a closet packed with years-old clothing that needs to be purged. To make more room for organizing, spend a day purging your home of unwanted items. 

2.Make a list of daily clutter-fighting tasks

having a list of things to do each day makes it easier to stay on top of the mess. Make a list of the things that make your home feel the cleanest

3.Reserve high shelves for less-used items

It just makes sense to organize items according to how frequently you use them. Save spaces atop counters or shelves that are difficult to reach for lesser

4.Find an organizing system 

There are so many different types of organizing systems — from Marie Kondo's KonMari method to simply designating specific receptacles for specific items 

5.Sort important papers with a refrigerator

The refrigerator door is generally used for displaying important reminders, but it can also serve as a one-stop shop for important documents

6.Maximize your entryway space

Every time you come in or out the door, it's likely that you've got something with you — keys, backpacks, phones, purses.

7.Use dividers to keep drawers neat

If you store your clothing in a dresser or chest of drawers, it can be challenging to keep those piles of t-shirts and socks organized.

8.Use similarly sized containers

Food comes in all different kinds of packages, which can present major issues when it's time to keep the pantry organized.

9.Enlist your kids in the fight against clutter

 all the toys, school supplies, it's easy for the playroom to end up a total mess. give your kids a laundry basket that they can use to discard toys

10.Start small

 Start small, with just one drawer or room at a time, to implement an organizational practice that will actually work in the long run.