10 ways to fall asleep naturally

1. Create a consistent sleeping pattern

Going to bed at different times every night is a common habit for many people. However, these irregular sleeping patterns could interfere with sleep 

 Keeping the room as dark as possible when going to bed might help bring on sleep.

2. Keep the lights off

After a poor night’s sleep, it is tempting to take a long nap. However, try to avoid this, as it can adversely affect a healthful sleep cycle.

3. Avoid napping during the day

Physical exercise has a positive impact on sleep quality.

4. Get some exercise during the day

People who do not use their mobile devices in this way may not be as susceptible to sleep disturbances.

5. Avoid using your cell phone

consuming caffeine at any time of the day could have a negative impact on sleep quality. For these people, it may be best to avoid caffeine altogether.

7. Avoid caffeine

Meditation and mindfulness can help reduce anxiety, which can often disrupt sleep. 

8. Try meditation or mindfulness

 having a hard time falling asleep may actually want to avoid doing things like brushing , washing their face,entering a brightly lit bathroom right before they get in bed.

9. Don’t wake yourself up

What a person eats, particularly in the evening, can have an impact on their sleep.

10. Change your eating habits