German Shepherd Stolen Nearly 5 Years Ago

A dog is back with her family after she was stolen from her Texas home almost five years ago.

The German shepherd named Sheba reunited with her family in Baytown, Texas

Before this reunion, the last time the family was together was in 2018. In January of that year, someone stole Sheba from the Malmstrom family's front yard.

 anniston said "I remember just searching every day, every night. It was really sad when we had to keep searching for her but we never found her," 

 on Aug. 1, 2022, the animal control officer Jared Harper found Sheba in Borger, Texas, over 600 miles from where the Malmstroms live.

 Stephanie said, Whoever stole her dumped her off in the Texan panhandle within two weeks, and this family adopted her and had her for four and a half years