Earth is suddenly spinning faster, But Why? 

June 29, 2022: the shortest day since the 1960’s

 on June 29 this year, Earth racked up an unusual record: its shortest day since then, rotating 1.59 milliseconds less than 24 hours.


Climate Change 

some experts believe the melting and refreezing of ice caps could be contributing to the irregular speed, according to the New York Post.



Earthquakes can also make the days shorter. 2004 earthquake that unleashed a tsunami in the Indian Ocean shifted enough rock to shorten the length of the day by nearly three microseconds.


Strong winds and warm oceans

On the other hand, stronger winds in ‘El Niño’ years can slow down the planet’s spin, extending the day by a fraction of a millisecond, according to NASA.


Tidal friction slows the Earth’s rotation

moon is mostly to blame for the effect: the gravitational tug slightly distorts the planet, producing tidal friction that steadily slows Earth’s rotation.


With Earth spinning fast lately, leap seconds won’t be needed

The first leap second was added in 1972. although with Earth spinning so fast of late, it is unlikely to be needed.


The “Chandler Wobble”

 the “Chandler Wobble” is a natural shifting of the Earth’s axis due to the planet not being perfectly spherical, and could be linked to the spinning speeds.


Speed up / Slow down

 a spinning ice skater speeds up when they pull in their arms. Geological activity that pushes mass outwards from the center will have the opposite effect and slow down the spin.


So, is the world speeding up?

the geological timescales that compress the rise and fall of the dinosaurs into the blink of an eye, the Earth is actually spinning more slowly than it used to.


1.4 billion years ago, a day would be less than 19 hours

 On average, then, Earth days are getting longer rather than shorter, by about one 74,000th of a second each year.


 how Earth’s rotational speed affects us ?

Earth’s quickening rotation has consequences because atomic clocks, which are used in GPS satellites, don’t take into account the Earth’s changing rotation.


If Earth spins faster, then it gets to the same position a little earlier.  In short, GPS satellites would become useless.


There are also consequences for smartphones, computers, and communications systems, which synchronize with Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. 

Smartphones, computers and communication systems