Bad cooking habits you need to stop

1.Not reading the recipe properly

Before buying your ingredients, read the recipe steps not just the ingredients list and plan your time accordingly.

2.Opening the oven door mid-cooking

When you pop the door open, the oven cools down and takes time to get back up to temperature. It also means that bakes, from meringues to bread, may fail entirely.

3.Not getting the pan hot 

A hot pan sears meat properly, caramelising and browning it, which improves both the appearance and enhances the flavour complexity.

4.Overfilling a frying pan

Overfilling the pan means some won’t touch the bottom but will simply steam cook or boil in its own juice. if you want steamed food, but in this case a steamer would be best.

5.Guessing baking quantities

"A little bit of this and a little bit of that" can be a great approach to cooking savoury dishes.  not measuring out ingredients and your dish is likely to completely fail

6.Using boiling water for coffee and tea

It’s a little-known rule that boiling water isn’t great for tea or coffee. It burns the grounds or leaves and increases bitterness in the cup. 

7.Barbecuing when the flames are still kicking up

When we finally bust out the barbecue,we often get a little excited and throw the meat on the grill while the coals are still kicking up massive flames

8.Forgetting to wash vegetables 

We often unintentionally forget to wash fruit, vegetables, and salad leaves. But it’s good to wash everything, bacteria, and dirt, thus reducing our chances of illness.

9.Washing chicken and other raw meats

Washing raw meat, like chicken or turkey, is an old-fashioned food safety myth. Rinsing meat will splash bacteria all over your kitchen, sink, cloths.

10.Throwing perfectly good food away

 Food waste is a big issue around the world: not only is it morally questionable, but it means we’re paying for food we don’t eat, which doesn’t make much sense