10 Better Ways to Store Fruits and Vegetables

1.Rinse Berries In Vinegar

The vinegar kills any spoilage-inducing bacteria on the berries without affecting the flavor.

2.Store Potatoes In a Cool, Dark Place

Sunlight will cause potatoes to turn green, and too much green can actually  prove toxic. So tuck your spuds away someplace dark and cool

3.Store Herbs Like Flower Bouquets

If you’ve ever bought a bunch of parsley for a recipe and half of it languished in your crisper drawer until you finally threw it away. 

4.Freeze Herbs in Butter

Storing chopped, fresh herbs in fat helps extend their flavor and color, and is a delicious spread, dip, or addition to soups or sauces.

5.Put Asparagus in Fresh Water

similar to storing fresh herbs, asparagus fairs the best when it’s kept in fresh water.

6.Trim and Bag Carrots

 carrots last longer than most fresh produce, they can still end up wrinkled and rubbery before you know it. To get the most out of them, trim the tops and place them in a  bag

7.Move Apples to the Fridge

Place apples in a plastic bag and store them in the fridge for two weeks or more. 

8.Wrap Up Ears of Corn

Fresh corn is notorious for spoiling quickly, and your best bet is to use it up as soon as possible. First, don’t peel it.

9.Roast Garlic for Longer Storage

You can roast heads of garlic in the oven and store them in a jar in the fridge for up to a week. 

10.Keep Tomatoes Away From the Fridge

Tomatoes very quickly become mealy and mushy in the refrigerator, even losing some of their flavor.