Samantha’s Pan India Film Budget Shocking Trade Circles

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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So far, Anushka is the only heroine who has achieved commercial success as well as critical acclaim for heroine-oriented films. Her film, Arundhati, collected more than 40 cr share (including Telugu and Tamil) back in 2009 which was a huge achievement for a heroine-oriented film. Her next heroine-oriented film Panchakshari has received mediocre response. However, her 2015 release, Rudhramadevi grossed huge numbers despite not so encouraging talk. Rudhramadevi grossed more than 90 crores at the box office including all versions. Her next heroine-oriented film, Bhaagamathi, 2018 release, has performed decently collecting more than 30 crore share for all versions.

Now, Samantha is apparently looking to gain that stardom which Anushka enjoyed. She has accepted a film under Gunasekhar direction. The film is titled “Shaakuntalam”. The budget of the film is said to be more than 55 crores. Samantha will play the role of Shakuntala while actor Dev Mohan will play the role of Prince Dushyant. Apparently, the story of the movie will be based on the events that took place in Shakuntala’s life. Shakuntala is the offspring of sage Vishwamitra and Menaka. Apparently, Prince Dushyant and Shakunta encounter each other at the ashramam of Rishi Kanva. The challenge for Dushyant is that he should go to his empire to become a king as per his responsibility and must leave Shakunta at the ashram of Rishi Kanva. The rest of the story will be based on the love story and the various struggles the couple will go through to prove their love. According to the mythology, the Mahabharata characters, Shakunta and Dushyant engage in a secret marriage. The movie is said to be made in pan-India scale. Samantha described her role as “dream role”. The film has been launched on March 15th. Neelima Guna, daughter of Gunasekhar is producing this film and Dil Raju is a small partner offering production support for the film. The music for the film is being composed by melody brahma Mani Sharma. As of February 3rd, 2021 all of the songs in the film have been already composed.

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