Pawan Kalyan Fans Behind Ali’s Cyber Complaint

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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Ali is well-known comedian in Tollywood who has been part of more than 100 films has even entered politics. In the last elections, everyone thought that Ali would join Pawan Kalyan’s JanaSena Party as they both share a good relationship even on off-screen. But the scenario was different.

Ali announced that he is joining the YSR Congress Party. Before elections both Ali and Pawan Kalyan attached each other with satirical dialogues in front of the Media. Post elections the result was different and the distance between them has been increased. Recently Pawan Kalyan fans started trending #AdvanceHappyBithdayPawanKalyan hashtag and a tweet with the name on Ali has gone viral on social media.

The tweet has the following words “వ్యక్తిత్వం లో నిన్ను ఓడించలేనప్పుడు నీ కులం గుణం వర్ణం గురించి మాట్లాడుతారు… ఎవరు ఎన్ని విధాలుగా విమర్శించిన చెదరని నీ నవ్వుకి నీ సహనానికి శిరస్సు వంచి నమస్కారాలు”.Pawan fans started attacking comedian Ali as he opposed Pawan & Jana Sana during elections. This went to Ali’s notice and yesterday he lodged a cyber complaint that the fake account which was on his name should be removed and the account holder should be punished.

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