Only Chiranjeevi Getting Targeted!

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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Its known fact that few farmers at Amaravati are doing protests about the capital of Andhra Pradesh. While these issues going on for a long time no celebrity has raised their voice supporting protesters. But that didn’t upset the people of Andhra.

Yesterday few actors along with Film Producers attended a meeting with Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan. This meeting was scheduled a few days prior to discuss a few key issues regarding film industry development and shootings. Once the film fraternity landed in Vijaywada few people tried to stop them by showing placards about their protest. None, either Chiranjeevi or Nagarjuna reacted to them. With this few fans and people started arguing that these actors are just Hero’s in movies but not in real life. Chiranjeevi who was seen fighting against the Corporate system by standing along with their village farmers is not getting criticized. Protesters arguing that few film industry people just came for their own business benefits. Few media houses have been focusing on this issue more.

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