NTR Intentionally Delaying The Film With Koratala Siva?

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2023)
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NTR’s film with Koratala Siva was supposed to go on floors in May or June but the shooting has still not been started. Ever since the disastrous result of Acharya, things have not been going in Koratala Siva’s favor.

Due to the heavy losses incurred from Acharya, Koratala was busy compensating for these losses. NTR had made it very clear that the movie will start only when Koratala Siva is fully out of the Acharya mess. After Koratala cleared the losses, he directed his complete attention toward the NTR film and started working on the script.

But later on, NTR asked for changes in the script continuously. Despite many changes in the script, NTR has still not okayed the script. The producers are now worrying about the project as to whether NTR is interested in the film or not.

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Even some members of the industry are hearing the news that NTR is no longer interested to work with Koratala Siva. NTR is now looking for other directors but the issue is that no one is free at the moment. This is the reason why NTR is still holding on to the project with Siva. We will have to wait and see if the final narration from Koratala Siva manages to convince NTR.

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