Nizam distributors are taking big risks again, even after losing crores

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2023)
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Time and again, it is proved that the film industry is not a place where success is guaranteed. Luck, situations, play a crucial role in the success of films or the progress of any industry. Especially in the Telugu Film Industry where the calculations and formulas to make commercial films are constantly changing, it is very tough to maintain the success rate.

At a point of time, the distributors had the habit of over imagining the craze of a particular hero – director combination and they bought some films of Star heroes for a massive price, and it was especially happening in the Nizam area. In the recent past years and many distributors in Nizam have lost crores of money and, with facing the same result over a period of time, they dropped the Idea of buying the films of Star Heroes for exorbitant prices.

Even the renowned and well-experienced producer and distributor like Dil Raju also faced the same result when he bought Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyathavaasi and Super Star Mahesh Babu’s Spyder. He mentioned in an old interview that he lost crores of money because of both the films.

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Now, according to the latest reports from trade circles, the Nizam distributors are making the same mistake for the upcoming big star heroes films.The films of Top 6 Heroes are being quoted for huge prices for the nizam rights at 40 Crores, 50 Crores and even some went up to 70 – 80 Crores.

But the surprising thing is the distributors are not hesitating to buy those movies for the said rates even after facing the loss in the past. There is no need to specially mention buying the movies for such massive prices will be a gigantic risk because except the films of Rajamouli, no other film has crossed 50 Crores share in Nizam.

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