Netizens comparing Most hyped HCA awards with TV9 TSR awards

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2023)
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The Hollywood Critics Association (HCA) Awards have managed to create a lot of notice among Telugu Film Industry circles and fans for a lot of wrong reasons. After receiving 5 awards in HCA, a lot of hype was created and many felt this is the perfect start before the Oscars season kickstarted.

The RRR team and netizens believed that it was a big proud moment for Indian cinema. But, after realizing the history and relatively smaller importance of these awards, netizens feel that no importance should be given to such token of appreciation like HCA awards.

Fans and even industry insiders are equating these awards to our local TSR awards where everyone is given an award for some small reason or other.

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RRR has already won bigger awards like Golden Globe, LA Critics, and Critics Choice Movie Awards along with being nominated for Best Original Song with Naatu Naatu. Many feel that these awards are actual ones that matter and not controversial and low-profile awards like HCA which are just PR exercises. This has been further proven by the fact that even Alia Bhatt has won an award for RRR.

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