Mind Boggling Pay checks of Tollywood Stars

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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Over the years, along with Telugu movie budgets, production values and associated costs have been constantly rising. In terms of budget you could divide TFI into before Magadheera and after Maghadheera phase. Post Magadheera commercial movies budget and remuneration sky rocketed.

As far as remuneration go, at that time big star remuneration was 10-15% of the budget. The big stars started collecting pay checks in double digits from 2011 when regular commercial subjects also were made on huge budgets of 35-40cr. Superstar Mahesh Babu and Powestar Pawan Kalyan were the first stars to touch double digit remuneration for Dookudu and Gabbar Singh. Gradually all the top heroes reached double digit remunerations and then Baahubali happened which again increased the budgets of regular commercial movies along with remuneration of top stars.

Rebel Star Prabhas is the first star to touch 50cr remuneration with Baahubali 2 and for Saaho he collected a mind boggling sum of 75cr as his fee. Joining the club lately are Superstar Mahesh and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan who are charging 50cr as remuneration now. Barring these 3 stars no one from Tollywood is in the 50cr remuneration club.

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While Prabhas movie budgets are in the range of 200-250cr due to his Pan India image, Mahesh and Pawan movie budgets are just shy or around 100cr which makes their remuneration astonishing!

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