Kannadiga’s stones attack on singer Mangli’s car

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2023)
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Last night, stones were thrown on famous singer Mangli’s car in Karnataka. On Saturday midnight, Mangli took part in the Bellary Utsav program at Bellary’s Municipal College Ground.

After her performance, she moved backstage, where a massive amount of her fans were awaiting to greet her. Some even invaded her private makeup tent. A stampede-like situation grown, and the police had to intervene. They did a minor lathi charge on the people to control the crowds.

Mangli trying to avoid the violence, got into her car and sought to escape from the place. But some angry fans pelted stones at her car and broke the window also.

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To the unknown, a few days ago Mangli visited another event in Chikballapur where she talked to the crowd in Telugu. The anchor attempted to suggest Mangli to speak in Kannada as most of the crowd there were Kannadigas.

However, Mangli said that since Anantapur was nearby, people would understand her speaking in Telugu. A video about this incident went viral, which seems to have the feelings of some hardcore Kannadigas. The Police are investigating if any of those people who got hurt by her not talking in Kannada have thrown stones at her car in Bellary.

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