IIT-Guwahati dropout creates bio-refinery for extracting precious metals from e-waste

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2023)

Guwahati: With the successful development of a bio-refinery for extracting precious metals from electronic waste, 25-year-old IIT-Guwahati dropout Anant Mittal is setting a new standard for innovation in India. 

As per a report, his demonstration plant, built in Roorkee, is currently configured to process 150 kg of e-waste every day and is now ready for commercialization.

Anant gave up his BTech studies in Civil Engineering in 2020 to focus on his drone projects.

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His company, RacerFly, has already designed drones that use components from both South Korea and China to provide the best drone solutions in India.

At the same time, Anant and his team developed a bio-hydrometallurgical process which enables the extraction of gold and palladium from e-waste with an extraction rate of 98%.

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This process is more green and clean as compared to traditional techniques, as no hazardous gases or chemicals are released and the byproducts can be recycled and sold again.

This development could not only reduce our dependence on imports, but it could also potentially contribute to a more sustainable economy. Anant’s innovation is a great example of how success can be achieved even against all odds.

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