How few young heroes getting continuous offers with zero market

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2023)
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The success rate in the film business is relatively low and while one big success can make anyone a huge star, a failure can push many into oblivion. There have been numerous cases across all the film industries where even the most talented heroes have failed to capitalize on their potential and received very few offers. Due to a lack of offers, these actors are often pushed to do more minor roles or work for reality shows.

While this is one end of the spectrum, there are some cases that are continuing to shock many industry insiders. There are many young heroes in the industry whose movies never run in theatres even on opening day. Most people don’t know when their films have released.

But despite a string of failures, many producers are approaching these heroes and doing the films and again losing huge money. The youngsters are simply signing any kind of project that comes their way. This constant cycle of flops and fresh projects have got many insiders wondering about the true reality.

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