Hollywood’s First Direct OTT Release

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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Grayhound is a Hollywood movie starring Tom Hanks in the lead role of a captain of a US Navy destroyer. It’s going to be the first Apple TV’s Original. This film’s script was written by Hanks himself based on C.S.Forester’s novel The Good Shepherd and directed by Aaron Schneider. It’s a World War II sea battle drama and the story revolves around the captain’s mission of protecting 37-ship convoy carrying troops and suppliers over a treacherous, German U-boat-infested stretch of the Atlantic.

Greyhound was produced by Sony Pictures and was initially planned to be a theatrical release but seems not possible with the current situations prevailing. So, wisely Sony went for auctioning it directly for a digital release. Surprisingly, Apple TV+ bagged the digital rights of Greyhound for a whopping price of $70 million by surpassing major OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime Video.

A couple of days ago, Apple TV released the Trailer of Greyhound which looked very promising. The trailer got a good response from the audience. It’s going to be premiered on July 10th on Apply TV. Apply TV made a partnership with Tom Hanks for World War II series titled Masters of the Air. Apple TV+ service is available to the viewers at a monthly price of $4.99.

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Trailer Of GreyHound
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