Heavy criticizm on Venkatesh for making Rana Naidu – Is this the biggest mistake Venkatesh has ever made?

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2023)
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It is very well known that Daggubati Venkatesh and Rana’s new Web Series Rana Naidu was released on the OTT yesterday. The reactions are not good for this series, as Venkatesh is getting a heavy criticizm from the audience. Some even say that this is the biggest mistake of Venkatesh.

Netizens are stating that the Web Series has nothing special content wise, and they made it on substandard levels. Also, there is hardly any scope for Venkatesh to perform, and they opine that what is the reason for him to accept this role.

The audience is criticizing Venkatesh, as no one expected he will encourage this type of adult content. Actually, the problem is not with the cuss words or sex scenes because audience got used to the elements which will be present in OTT that too, especially in Netflix.

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However, it is obvious that when the audience are told Rana and Venkatesh are coming together for the first time to act in a Web Series, there will be many expectations. Sadly, Rana Naidu did not meet those expectations as it is a routine Hindi Web Series with crime/sex/violence and cuss words.

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