Has one interview costed the future of a young director?

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2023)
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People say that you should always be careful when speaking on a public platform. The bunch of young directors Venkatesh Maha , Nandini reddy , Vivek Athreya, Shiva Nirvana and senior Director Indraganti Mohana Krishna all these directors have got good fame in some sections of the audience for their films.

All these directors have delivered some films which are regarded as classics by the target audience, but the latest round table interview in which they discussed on various topics such as commercial films and audience taste has made them look bad in front of the audience because of their words and reactions.

Excluding Shiva Nirvana all other 4 directors are affected by the interview, and we can say young director Venkatesh Maha is the most affected person as he faced massive negativity and many counters and trolls on him have been spread on him on social media.

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It would look like blowing out of proportion if we say this will impact his chances in the Telugu Cinema Industry, but definitely the interview will create an impact with regard to his future projects. The other directors like Vivek Athreya and Nandini Reddy have understood and they even apologized too, but it is hard to overcome from the negativity of the interview.

Because nowadays, the social media is essential and netizens will follow the directors who were present in the interview for some time and every failure of them will be trolled, and they will start digging the comments from the interview. Nandini Reddy’s Anni Manchi Sakunamule is slated to release on May 18, 2023.

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