Gaali Sampath Movie Full Review – Outdated Attempt

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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Movie: Gaali Sampath
Rating: 2.5/5
Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Sree Vishnu, Lovely Singh
Director: Annish Krishna
Produced By: Harish Peddi, Sahu Garapati, S. Krishna
Release Date: 11th March 2021

Story: The film is set up in Araku where Gaali Sampath (Rajendra Prasad) and his son Soori (Sree Vishnu) lives together. Rajendra Prasad dream is to become an actor but due to a accident his vocal cords gets damaged and loses his ability to speak. With few incidents Soori gets in troubles because of Sampath and even spoils Soori dream of buying a own truck. After Soori’s love marriage gets cancelled due to a mistake by Sampath there comes the disputes between father and son. Accidentally one day Sampath falls in a trench and the rest of the story is how he manages to come out from it.

Performance: Undoubtedly Rajendra Prasad’s performance as Gaali Sampath will be remained as one of the best performer in recent times. Sree Vishnu also came up with decent performance as an aspiring son who always gets disappointed with his fathers act. Comedian Satya has done his part for the given role.

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Analysis: Though the concept of the film is not bad the screenplay which is provided by director Anil Ravipudi has backfired with outdated narration and too many boring elements through out the runtime. The second half of the film is bit ok when compared with the first half. Usually in a father son relation there needs to be a good emotional connect and the director has failed to show that on screen.


  • Rajendra Prasad & Sree Vishnu
  • Music
  • Main Plot


  • Screenplay
  • Production Values
  • Outdated Narration
  • Illogical Scenes

Verdict: On a whole Anil Ravipudi and his team could not create the magic which is shown in the Trailer. You can watch it only for the performance by the lead cast.

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Box-Office Estimation: Gaali Sampath should collect 6.5 Cr for breakeven. With the low buzz and Mixed reviews achieving breakeven mark is an hurricane task. Opening day share will be less than 1Cr . The film May ended up as loss Venture

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