Director Venkatesh Maha criticised KGF 2 as senseless and mindless film

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2023)
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Director Venkatesh Maha got himself into a controversy by calling the Pan India blockbuster KGF 2 as a senseless and mindless film. Venkatesh Maha, Shiva Nirvana, Vivek Athreya, Indraganti Mohana Krishna and Nandini Reddy appeared for a YouTube Round Table interview.

In the interview, Venkatesh Maha criticized KGF 2 with very strange antics and also talked in a demeaning manner. His way of talking has not at all gone well with the netizens, as they fired on him for his uncalled bad behavior. Netizens tell that what right does Venkatesh have to talk like that and why he feels superior when talking about another director’s film which is a tremendous success worldwide.

The social media users opine that Venkatesh Maha who has made only two films (the second being a remake) cracking a joke on Prashant Neel’s KGF 2, is terrible. He made fun of KGF 2 by mentioning the story of the film where the protagonist’s mother wants him to become rich, and he said that the hero makes riches using the people in KGF and in return barely gives them anything.

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He also called the hero’s character as Neech Kamine Kutte which is not at all acceptable himself being a director. Venkatesh Maha looked very animated and agitated while narrating this, as if he had a rivalry with Prashant Neel, and we see him enjoying tearing the film apart as if he could not stand the success of KGF 2.

However, director Nandini Reddy reacted to the outrage on social media and told that the discussion was not intended to offend anyone and if anyone was offended, she apologizes for the whole thing.

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