Chiru asks charan, why Mahesh?

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)
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Earlier we broke the news about Superstar Mahesh special role in Megastar’s Acharya. Since SS Rajamouli laid a strict rule of Charan or NTR cannot act in other movies until RRR release, Koratala and charan approached Mahesh to do the special role to which Mahesh agreed. Koratala was working on changes to the script. However, Megastar isn’t that happy with Superstar playing the role.

Two reasons why Chiru doesn’t like Mahesh to play the role!

  1. Budget issues – Chiru’s dream project SyeraaNarasimhaReddy was made on a 250cr budget and even with hit talk it incurred heavy losses to Ram Charan as a producer. Chiru wants his next film to be on a shoe string budget and reap in as much profit as possible. Roping in Mahesh will increase the budget by a hefty amount. Even though it adds to the hype and increases business, Chiru thinks why put money on Mahesh instead of making it free with Ram Charan.
  2. Second reason is he doesn’t want Ram Charan to miss this role. Chiru made changes to script keeping charan in mind and the team says the character comes at a crucial juncture and sets tone for the rest of the movie. Chiru at no cost wants Charan to miss this important character.

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Chiru is now thinking to convince SSRajamouli and somehow make charan do the special role. Will he succeed?
Both charan and Koratala are insisting on Mahesh leaving Chiru in dilemma. We have to wait a few more days to see!

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