Babar Azam Chat & Video Leaked – Download link searched by Netizens

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

In the era of media, nobody respects the virtue of privacy. The post uploaded online can be shared and morphed in every way people want to. There is a very thin boundary that separates real from unreal. The news regarding the Pak cricketer’s leaked chart spread like fire. Though the authenticity of the information has not been confirmed by anyone. Read the complete article to know Babar Azam Chat & Video Leaked – Download link searched by netizens in huge numbers.

Babar Azam Chat & Video Leaked

The Pakistan cricket team captain is again in the news; this time, the news is spreading around his personal life. Recently his captaincy was also questioned by many due to not so good performance in test matches.

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There are photos and videos that are circulated in which Babar is seen. The star cricketer’s fans and supporters are claiming that the video is false. It is also a conspiracy of those who want to tarnish his image. Read the complete information to know more.

Babar Azam Chat & Video Leaked

Babar Azam Leaked Video Download link searched by Netizens

The video has been downloaded by the people outrageously. The private videos have been leaked and are watched by people everywhere. There are voice recordings of Babar. The news is spreading as Babar’s sexting scandal.

In the chat screenshots, he is been seen sexting with the girlfriend of another cricketer from Pakistan. Though the fans are claiming that the video is edited and it is not Baber who is speaking, as his lips are not moving.

Babar Azam Chat leaked

The chats are shown of a person with the id name eish.rajpoot1 to whom Baber is sending messages. He has been seen shirtless, and while sexting another Pak cricketer’s gf, he promised to keep his boyfriend in the team if she kept on chatting with Babar.

Babar Azam Chat Leaked

There are numerous tweets that are criticising Babar’s act. They have been stating that the previous record of the batter is not good and that he shall not remain on the captain’s post due to his bad reputation after the chat & video leaked incident.

People who are supportive have stated that we should not interfere in someone else’s life. People should stop spreading the rumours if they have some decency left.

“How can you say that? Do you have any proof?” a follower remarked on the feed.

There was another tweet by Farid Khan who stated that it would damage not only Babar’s image but also Pakistan Cricket’s well, don’t stoop so low.

Babar Azam Video Leaked

There is no proof of whether the videos and photos are real or edited, said another user. The videos can be morphed with the advanced technologies we all know. The people are in shock and cannot accept the news. While some are mocking him by saying, ‘Aur isko Kohli banana hai’. (And he wants to become Kohli)

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No official statement has been released from Azam’s side as well. The Pak cricket authorities have been questioned for their decision by the locals.

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