Actor Naresh and Pavitra’s marriage is a movie publicity stunt?

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2023)
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After many dramatic events, arguments and fights with his 3rd wife Ramya Raghupathi (To whom he is yet to give divorce legally ) Tollywood character actor Naresh got married to Pavithra Lokesh in his fourth marriage and her (Pavithra Lokesh’s) 3rd marriage.

Both the actors have shared a tweet saying, “Seeking your blessings for a lifetime of peace & joy in this new journey of us…! adding the below lines in Telugu…! “ఒక పవిత్ర బంధం రెండు మనసులు మూడు ముళ్ళు అడుగులు మీ ఆశీస్సులు కోరుకుంటూ ఇట్లు – మీ #PavitraNaresh.

However, after Naresh posted Naresh this video, several doubts have been raised by the netizens that it does not look like a real one but publicity for an upcoming movie.

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Naresh and Pavitra are one of the most spoken couples these days, and they have now dropped a major update on their life with this marriage video. They both were spotted together at various public events in the recent past, which led to many controversies in their lives, and they now made their relationship official with their marriage. They should certainly be excited about the unified perspective.

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