A Young hero putting his own money to prove his movie a big success

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2023)
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The common saying in the Film Industry is success, and failures are part of the journey. Some take these words into their heart, but some don’t. They try to show every effort of them as a success, as they cannot face the failures. The same mindset and behavior is reportedly being shown by a young hero in Tollywood.

A Young Hero is so desperate for the fame and success, and he wants to prove every movie of him a big success, irrespective of the collections of his films have received. He is spending a lot of money on every movie’s PR activities and his image glorification from his own pocket. The inside circles and people are feeling surprised by seeing the actor’s desperateness.

The said young hero has recently released a movie which had received good mouth talk from the audience and decent reviews from the critics too. However, after having a good opening weekend the film dropped at the box office. But the hero cannot accept the truth and putting his own money to add collections in some main theaters to prove that his movie is running successfully.

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The young hero has made a pleasant image among the audience and a good market for him with just 2 initial films of his career, and it is not good for him to indulge in such kinds of wrong acts. We wish the Hero learns to accept the reality and stops these unnecessary self – boosting activities which could further damage his name.

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